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Tyrone Carr met with my Husband and I regarding Medicare and our 401k. At the time I was extremely overwhelmed with decisions that needed to be made, but wasn’t quite certain as to what or how to make them. Tyrone was extremely insightful, he helped us to understand Medicare completely, helped to create a financial budget and at that time I didn’t think I could retire. However, with his help and creating a budget, paying bills down and how to do it, not only did I eliminate monthly bills, Tyrone met my needs in how I wanted to invest, but most importantly put us in a position to retire. It was a month later my company decided to close their office here in Detroit and move to the East Coast. Because of what he did for us, I was able to retire and have the peace of mind financially all because of what Tyrone did for our family. I have referred him to my colleagues, friends and will forever be grateful!

Lapeer, MI

My wife and I first chose Tyrone Carr’s professional services at a time the health coverage industry was transitioning dramatically under the mandates of the federal government during G W Bush’s administration and throughout the chaotic implementation of “Obama Care.” Throughout that time, our many questions were quickly and clearly answered. As retirees, we were presented with options for total health coverage and medication that guaranteed protection for us at reasonable costs. Responses were always well researched and documented. As a result, we recommended Tyrone’s services to friends and confidently look forward to his help each year.

Cheboygan, MI

Tyrone Carr Was able to make the connection for us on how basic medicare not only affects our insurance choices, but also how it affects our 401k’s as well. We have been to other seminars and none of them gave us clarity like Tyrone did.

William & Dianne
Waterford, MI

We met Tyrone about 6 years ago through a medicare seminar. We had been on Medicare for a couple of years and never felt completely comfortable with the financial decision we made. After seeing him speak candidly to the concerns we had, we were not only informed, but were finally able to make a decision thats in our best financial interest, both short and long term. we have referred all our friends and family to Tyrone. Every year we have a bag of candy for him. He’s got a sweet tooth! We consider him our friend.

Gale & Tom
Pinckney, MI

Tyrone was not only able to give me great information about medicare, but also about how it impacts my job, social security, and my Financial portfolio. He also helped me understand the facts after knowing that I was going to keep working at IBM for another year. I not only use his firm for my insurance needs but him and his staff for my financial needs when it came to moving my 401k and profit sharing. Very professional, highly recommend.

Taylor, MI

I have been with Tyrone since 2009. I met him through my boss who highly recommended him. I felt extremely comfortable with him and the knowledge and expertise he provided me with. He made the move into medicare very easy. I have referred many friends of mine to him, which are all clients of his.

Shelby Twp, MI

I have been a client of Tyrone Carr for four years and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable in the area of supplemental insurance. He takes the time to answer any questions and constantly exceeds expectations. I would not and have not any apprehensions to recommend him to anyone who needs expert advice. I am sure he brings his professional expertise to any of his business endeavors.

Adrian, MI

I met with Tyrone Carr regarding my Medicare October of 2015. Tyrone was able to explain Medicare in a way I could understand, but he also shared with my how my assets would be exposed if I didn’t have certain things in place. Tyrone was able to create a budget for me that saved me over $320 per month on things that I didn’t need. This was something my Ameriprise advisor never did for me over 10+ yrs. Not only did Tyrone find savings in my home but also showed me where I was being missed managed with my 401k and how I was being charged over 2% in fee’s. We confirmed this by contacting ameriprise directly. These are fee’s that are not spelled out, but identified as hidden fee’s in the financial world. I am Thankful to have Tyrone as my Advisor.

Madison, WI